Terms: $125 on presentation of manuscript
Balance: Before release to print

We’ll be glad to send you a formatting agreement by email. Once your manuscript has been proofed by you or an editor, we’re ready to go!
It takes about two weeks from the date we receive your manuscript until it is ready for publication.
Exciting times!

FireBellied Frog
email: firebelliedfrog@gmail.com

Template Style Guide Terms: 

Body Copy Font: The font used for the majority of your book’s interior text.

Accent Font: A more decorative font used for headings and titles in your book. This font is best used in moderation, and can be a great tool to customize your book for your genre.

Fleuron: A decorative element used within your book’s interior. Most commonly, fleurons are used to separate scene breaks in a chapter when notated by three asterisks (***) in your manuscript.

Front Matter: All text that appears before your first chapter is considered front matter. The design of all front matter will follow the layout of the introduction section of your selected template.

Body Test: The body of your manuscript will begin with the first chapter on the right-facing page. All  subsequent chapters will start on the next available page.

Basic Layout: The layout of your chapter and title pages will be determined by what is included within your manuscript. If you wish to include chapter numbers and chapter titles, please include both within your manuscript.Within each full-text spread, the author name will appear as the header on the left-hand page, and the book title will appear as the header on the right.

Back Matter: Anything included at the end of your manuscript, after your last chapter is called back matter. Back matter, other than your author biography, will follow the design and layout of the introduction section of the template.

Thank you for considering us for your project.

We appreciate your interest, and hope to have

the opportunity to work with you.

What We Do and How We Do It:

Submit your manuscript to us in MS Word. 

Our pricing for fiction and non-fiction is based upon a manuscript written in MS Word of approximately no more than 400 pages, in 12pt Times Roman, double spaced with one inch margins.

Select your format
 We will help you select the body text font, chapter heading font, drop caps (if requested) for the first paragraph, and fleuron (if requested)


Once we finalize the format, we will convert your manuscript  into a print ready .pdf required by CreateSpace for a print on demand book. The book size is 6 inches x 9 inches. 


You will review the proof for errors and make corrections in the MS Word document we will send along with the .pdf. We will reformat the book with your corrections and return it to you for final approval. Additional reformatting and corrections by the author are $25 per document.

Your CreateSpace account

We will set up your CreateSpace account (if you don't already have one) and send your book for review. We will help you decide pricing and selling channels. Once CreateSpace accepts the book for printing, we will send you the digital proof for your final review. Once you approve it, we will format it for Kindle eBook, and send it to KDP on your behalf. You may order a print proof if you wish.


We will prepare a cover using your artwork or photographs.