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Analytic Writing Workshop

Analytic writing is an efficient form of writing designed to package information for decision makers in a succinct easy-to-read format. Analytic writing takes complicated information and presents the bare essentials telling the reader what he or she needs to know.

The Analytic Writing Workshop is designed to familiarize participants with the concepts of presenting clear and concise messages to busy executives and decision makers, and to help workshop participants understand how this writing differs from academic and creative writing. The workshop is made up of lectures and exercises.

By the time participants are done they should:

 1. Understand the principles of analytic writing;

                        a.  Conceptualization
                        b.  Simple Sentence Structure
                        c.   Word choice
                        d.   The Inverted Pyramid Paragraph

2.  Have a clear understanding of why and how analytic writing
differs from other types of writing;

3.   Have completed one or more exercises in analytic writing; and,

4.   Have examined how some analytic principles apply to other forms of writing.